Quick Heal Endpoint Security

Quick Heal Endpoint Security

Comprehensive protection and simplified performance for every endpoint within your network. Enhanced new features prevent data leakage within or outside the organization. Single unified console helps monitor assets and file transfers. Reduced risks with Application and Device control. Prevent data loss with easily configurable Data Loss Prevention policy. Award winning Quick Heal client protection prevents malicious threats from targeting endpoints.

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Product Details

Device Control

Controls and configures various device types for Windows and Mac platforms. Robust and flexible management options safeguard against unverified devices.

Data Loss Prevention

Stops data leakage by regulating transfer channels such as removable drives, network sharing, web apps and online services. Specific file types can be monitored and comprehensive reports can be scrutinized.

File Activity Monitor

Provides a bird's eye view of all actions against confidential files to safeguard confidential company data. When a specified file is copied, renamed or deleted, a notification is sent to the administrator.

Asset Management

Gives administrators comprehensive knowledge about the hardware and software configuration of every endpoint. Notifications are sent to configured email addresses whenever any alteration to the hardware on any system takes place.

License History

Provides an instant glimpse into product license history. Administrators can gather details such as license activation, reactivation, license renewal and additional feature pack details.

Redirection of Specific Groups/Clients

Seamlessly redirects specific endpoint groups/clients to different servers. Enterprises with large numbers of endpoints, or low bandwidth, can easily migrate clients to a new server.


Advanced defense mechanism to detect and prevent malicious network activity that attempts to exploit software vulnerabilities of applications. Port scan attack prevention blocks intruder attempts aimed at open ports. DDoS attack prevention thwarts any Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that might result in the denial of service.

Intelligent Firewall

Blocks unauthorized access to business network. Allows customization rules to be set to Low, Medium or High based on observed network traffic. Administrators can also configure exceptions for specific IP addresses or ports to be allowed or blocked.

Easy Deployment and Maintenance

Clients can now be flexibly deployed by the following multiple methods:

Synchronization with Active Directory – Easy and hassle free deployment with full Active Directory integration and synchronization support.

Disk Imaging – Creation of a disk image of Endpoint Security 6.0 client and deployment of it across the network.

Remote Install – Installation via remote access of web console on any system in the network.

Login Script Setup – Assigning login script for installation.

Client Packager – Creation of client installer for manual setup.

Notify Install – Installation via email notification (containing URL) for endpoint clients.

Web Security

Blocks malware infected, phishing and malicious websites from affecting the endpoint clients within the network.

Web Filtering

Allows the blocking of particular categories of websites (e.g. Social Networking, Games, etc.) or individual user-specified websites to limit web access and increase productivity.

Application Control

Categories of applications can be either authorized or unauthorized from being executed within the network. This feature also gives the flexibility to add custom applications to an existing blocked list.


This feature scans all the networked computers for viruses and malware from a central location. Customizable scans can also be scheduled for a specific date or time.


Networked computers can be updated from a central location. Endpoints can also be configured to take updates at a specified time.

Group Policy Management

Different user groups within the network can be defined and flexible policies can be set accordingly.

Email Scan

Effectively scans your end user inboxes for spam, phishing attacks and unsolicited email messages. Allows whitelists or blacklists and self-learning to be set up separately for each user or group.

Multiple Update Managers

This feature allows multiple update managers to be deployed across the network. This helps in load balancing and in avoiding network congestion as is usually the case for a single update manager.

Email and SMS Notifications

This feature sends notifications to preconfigured email addresses and phone numbers, thus alerting them about critical network events.


This feature enhances the performance of computer systems in the network by cleaning junk files and deleting invalid registry/disk entries. Tuneups can also be scheduled for a specific date and time.


Gives the ability to drill down from high level to more in-depth reports. Provides a range of graphical and tabular reports, which can also be exported and saved in a variety of formats (e.g. PDF, CSV). Reporting can also be scheduled according to specific requirements.

Vulnerability Scan

This feature scans known vulnerabilities of installed applications and operating systems in the network. It helps frame security measures against known vulnerabilities and protects against security breaches by threat agents.

Scans vulnerabilities in applications such as Adobe, Safari, Mozilla, Oracle, etc.

Sends notifications regarding unpatched operating systems working on computers within the network.


For more details on features and system requirements, please refer to product data sheet 

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